I like this guy… but now what?!


So there’s this guy at my church… cute, christian, knows the scripture well, loves God, etc. and I think I really like him, and I think he may like me! But now what?! I want to be sure he likes me, but I’m not gonna be immature and ask him or something stupid like that. And I wanna get closer to him… seeing how we actually haven’t ever spoken to each other before… =P
What are some things I can do for him to notice me more and get closer to him? Any suggestions will help!
P.S. Please no “Just be yourself” cause um, duh. lol

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"cause um. duh." LOL that part cracked me up xD and its true i find it silly when people tell others to approach people and to just be themselves. If it was that easy i'm sure you would of done it by now and not asking for advices. One thing i know forsure is that if you look at him and he makes eye contact with you, don't look away but look at him and smile for a few second and then if you dare just do a mini wave like "hi" and then look away. If you look back at him and you catch him looking back at you with a smile then yes that indicates that he wants to at least to talk to you or have some interest in you. So it's up to you when you built that courage up to go talk to him or if you're lucky he'll come talk to you! :]
Go up to him and introduce yourself. Ask him out for a coffee or something. Seriously. Guys like getting asked out. Being straight forward is going to get you a lot farther then trying little things to make him notice you more.
If he is one of those types that likes to go to events in church a lot and he thinks about doing the right thing I think he would really notice you if you helped out in events like that like selling food or something. He would see that you are a nice person and he might just buy some food from you and ya talk:)Hope This Works :)
Also if you think he is staring at you pretend to yawn if he yawn back then he was looking at you because yawning is visually contagious but it wont work all the time
look at him make sure he sees you and then smile and play with your hair if you see him look back more and more after this he is probably interested. When you walk by him after youth group or the service say "hi" when you walk by don't stop and have a conversation. Add. Him on Facebook. Start asking your friends if they know him or what they know about him.
tell him... hey, i need to confess myself, but i have no sins yet... care to help me? then get on your knees and have fun :D