I like him, he may like me.


Okay, so, I have a huge crush on my friend’s cousin. Let’s call him Brian, shall we? And let’s call this friend Tiffany. So, you see, since Tiffany is moving, we decided to tell each other who we like. I finally told her about my crush on her cousin. The very next day, over Gmail chat, she plays a “what would you do” game with him. She asked what he would do if he asked me out over a game of zap, and I said yes. He said he’d go out with me, because he liked me, generally, and she asked if he LIKED liked me. He said yes. Even though I like him, and, if he’s not trolling her (Since she sent this conversation to me. She asked and he said he was fine with her sending it to me.), he may like me, I don’t know what to do. I have strict parents, and I’m pretty much not allowed to date till college. What should I do?

Category: asked May 25, 2013

1 Answer

Why don't you start as friends? I have lots of friends who did that. They started off with just talking and getting to know one another and when they grew older, that's wehn they started becoming more lovey dovey.^_^ HOpe that helped!