I like him but does he want me for sex?


This guy i know we’ve been friends since, before Christmas i feel like i may have feelings for him. He’s quite the sweetheart to me, although he wants to take it further with me. Early on in the friendship he asked my opinion on if i’d ever do a ‘fwb’ with anyone. I’m not sure what to do

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2 Answers

Be honest with him and don't let him push you into anything. You'll know that he's true if he sticks around, and don't do anything with him if you still have doubts.
fwb are always risky. If you have feelings for him, you will be hurt 100% of the time if you decide to be friends with benefits. You can NOT let it go there. Absolutely not. Even if it seems like you have control of the situation, you don't when it comes to fwb. Feelings get too complicated. I don't know if he is using you for sex, It's impossible to know, but I wouldn't trust him unless I know for sure what he wants. Refrain from sexual activity with him if you have a risk of being hurt by it, because if you do get hurt, if he is just using you for sex, in the end you can't really put the blame on anyone but yourself (unless he lied his way into your pants).