I knew what to do, I just don’t do it… What can I do?


Well, I like a girl who is younger than me, like 2 years younger…
She’s very nice, she likes music, like me… I sometimes think that she is shy too… I Tried to go out with her once, but she couldn’t… at least that’s what she said to me… after that I’ve never tried to invite her again.

I’ve 18 years old
I never have been in a “Realtionship”, I tried once, with a girl that I knew from some classes that I took, a long time ago… But I didn’t feel anything ’bout that girl so I decided to stop seeing her.
The thing is that, I really feel things for this girl who is younger than me, and she is good to me, she really is… we talk a lot on facebook, and in school I see her every day… but I can’t talk properly to her, she’s always with other 4 girls, those girls are my friends too… but I just can’t talk properly to her… I don’t know, I know that I have to talk to her… and be nice… maybe tell her what I feel… I really try, but I feel fear. I really don’t know why I fear of talk to her like “flirting” or something like that
What should I do? :( I really feel so bad ’bout this, it hurts me every day to know that I could just go and talk to her, and tell her my feelings about her.

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This all sounds so lovely the feelings you have!, it truly does. :-).
Ive been in your situation,but many many moons ago .I wouldn't push to tell her how you feel quite yet,as this might make the girl you like a little fearful, perhaps even feeling she needs to back off from being near you if she isnt ready to hear how you feel and since you haven't yet been able to give any suttle hints from what I can gather.
Even though you talk on fb a lot,you haven't yet managed to talk to her much,one on one, face to face by the sounds of it.I am wondering since you have mutual friends that perhaps you can talk to them telling them you like her but dont want her to feel strange,and ask them if she has said anything about you.Remember though... what ever you tell them,even if you say dont tell her!,some one will,lol,its just how it goes.
Tell the friends that you'd like go some place together as a group,like the movies and you would like to sit next to her,may be then try again another time doing something else or movies again if all agree and again and once more sit near her,and perhaps one of you by this time(meaning you or the girl) will start to talk a little more to each other,as no doubt there will be something to say about what you are watching and then you can tell her you like her the second time around,or... after the movies you can fb her starting off slow till you can talk face to face.May be on fb say to her things like.... how it was great at the movies you loved being there with the friends and you! See how she reacts,im sure by then you will get an idea on how she feels and will also able to have more confidence in your self and be able to talk a little more to her.
Normally I would have said to just go tell you how you feel!,but as you seem to be a little shy/hesitant already, taking a slower approach is wiser for you.
As for the 2 year gap,that's not an issue!,if there was a 4 year gap and you where 18 and she 14 that would be so different.I was going out with my boyfriend at 16 and he was almost 19 and we have now been happily married many years.Age isn't an issue unless.... 1-you make it one or 2- the gap is so big that it looks like a son and daughter thing going on.. :-(
So my conclusion is....go for it! just take it a little slow,so no one is uncomfortable.I hope this has somewhat helped you.
Good Luck1 :-)
The next time you see her, why not ask her if you two could speak privately and then tell her how you feel about her. She could very well feel the same way about you as you do about her. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Don't be afraid, it would be a learning process for the both of you.
I think it would be best to tell her how you feel, that way you can get it off your chest!