I just lost my virginity yesterday


I just lost my virginity yesterday. after my boyfriend and i did it, i felt great because he made me happy. but as soon as i get home i felt weird, the way he touched me and kiss me, it’s still on my mind and i can’t barely sleep that night, i feel like his smell and his skin is still on me. but im glad I’ve waited that long before i gave it up because i know i love him and he loves me so much. i know we will never be together as we always talk about but still i know in the future, i will never regret it because i’m in love with him. i am just too emotional kind of person to deal with that kind of mess that’s why it took me so long to finally made up my mind and convinced my self that sex is not a bad thing but you should do it with the person you love. in the end. i NEVER regret anything. what is your opinion?

Category: asked September 18, 2013

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There is social pressure on both purity and being free . I , personally , find it more pure to not have any sexual thoughts at all . Though that is impossible , especially without drugs . Sexual drive is a part of nature , but then again , nature isn't always perfect either .I don't think you should stress the subject . After you've gotten used to it , you'll realize you worried for nothing . Let it sink in , and accept it . There's nothing wrong here .
There is a lot of very gross social pressure on girls to remain "pure"- which is totally stupid, creepy, and misogynistic- but a lot of that can be internalized. Please don't think of your first time as 'losing' anything. You haven't lost anything. Instead, think of it as your sexual debut! Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and similarly don't let society make you feel bad about healthy sexual decisions. Be safe and happy!
well i think its great you waited but i think that maybe you should shower after you do it so you don't have to feel icky....but it was a good idea:)
I was raised to believe that God will hate you if you ever have sex before marriage. I did have sex before marriage to my ex fiance and even though she pisses me off to the point where I can't talk to her, I don't regret my first time. Back when it happened, we were long distance and when I left, I got sick. My throat was killing me and I thought God was punishing me because I had sex LOL. I really did think I had herpes or something even though we both were clean. I realized that I just emotionally was hurting because I had to leave her and travel back home and it affected my health. When I first got sick, I was like "SCREW THIS I'M NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN, I'M SO SORRY JESUSSSS"....then I did it again lol. I don't regret it, we were in love. I'm just glad I waited for the right moment.
I think it's fine that you had sex but if you are positive that you don't think you will be with him in the future, you should re think your relationship. When you are with someone, you should always be able to see a future with them and want them in your life (sex or not). But I don't think having sex is anything to be ashamed of or anything like that. It's good you waited until it was with someone you love.