I just dont know what to do.


I just got out of the hospital a couple weeks ago, and things are headed down the hole again. I was admitted because i was depressed. I got better for a bit, i have a therapist, but it seems like its not getting better. I know things take time, but when i get to a certain point i cant control myself and im afraid if i try and wait this out ill do something Ill really regret.
What should i do?

Category: asked May 25, 2013

2 Answers

You should tell a trusted adult, or your therapist how you're feeling, and about your worries. If they shrug it off then keep insisting until something gets done. All of this treatment is for you to get better, they're all here to support you so if you don't feel better, tell them and chances are they'll change their approach.
I used to feel the same. In and out of hospitals because of it and it was awfull. I never thought it could get better and i felt it was all going downhill. But i worked so hard with the hospital and therapists to get better and i put everything else aside to do so. Now almost a year later, I'm stabilized, on meds, doing better in school and much happier. It does get better but it takes alot of time. Hope this gave you some hope <3