I have reason to believe I have BPD, should I consider anti-depressants?


So, for what may have been a bit more than a year now, I’ve noticed a change in my behavior, tending to idealize people or situations and becoming very reliant on social interaction and very detached and depersonalized when it’s not available. A lot of changes have occurred in my life relatively recently and I often swing between euphoric and dysphoric moods. I’ve heard both sides of the “do anti-depressants actually work?” argument and don’t know if they’re right for me. I’ve tried over-the-counter substitutes before and would become further depressive to the point of suicidal and my mother has been on changing medications for years that never seem to go anywhere. Does anyone have first-hand experience that can tell me whether or not I should consider consulting a doctor?

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You should definitely consult a doctor. It's very easy to self-diagnose and decide you have some sort of disorder, but only a doctor can really know if you do. About antidepressants, the WORST thing someone with bipolar disorder can do is go on antidepressants. I have a mood disorder (probably bipolar but they can't diagnose me yet), and every time I was on an antidepressant I became manic, which wasn't very fun. Usually people with bipolar disorder are prescribed mood stabilizers. Obviously, a doctor would know better than me and be able to prescribe a medication that would be right for you, but this is just my opinion.
By BPD, I mean Borderline Personality Disorder, not Bipolar, sorry for the confusion.
I dont personally have BPD (though I work with someone that does). But I do have my own issues. I go to therapy for it. Personally I dont like medications and things. For me some didnt work. The person I see for therapy is the type to only suggest medication if nothing else works. I like that better. It is more difficult but I prefer it. Though I do understand that medication works best for some people. I hope you find what works best for you. Good luck
Bless your heart, you've had a hard time. The two best prescriptions for bipolar disorder are not specifically antidepressants...an antidepressant itself won't work... so here are the two best for bipolar disorder 1/ lithium 2/ seroquil --Absolutely see you doctor and get treatment because none of us should have to suffer and have life be a constant struggle, and that means you too. You deserve to experience peace of mind. Also add a nightly video/audio to listen to as this will help your mind become stronger and more in control while you find the right med with your doctor... STAGE ONE: "HEALING SERIES" GAINING CONTROL, CONQUERING FEAR-- MASTER TECHNIQUES! http://youtu.be/x3e_7IRs6Z4 --(be sure and tell your doctor if the med seems to only be slightly helping as many people don't realize they will start you off at the smallest dosage and require YOU to tell them if it's not working all the way, thus don't be discouraged if it might take several months before you get to the correct dosage.) Another thing to consider is that the pesticides in food and the fluoride in water take a toll...the National Center for Disease reported fluoride causes not only skeletal fluorosis but calcium deposits on the pineal gland, and your pineal gland is what makes melatonin so you can sleep and serotonin so you can feel happy, etc. You can help counteract this with a large dose of an antioxidant such as vitamin-c 3thousand mgs a day for example, along with the medication for bipolar, and helping train your brain. Love to you. You can do it, and you CAN feel better. ~Suzanna