I have no idea what he is thinking


Of course, there is someone that I like very much.
Although we haven’t talked very a whole lot, just with each other, when we do it seems like he really does care. Whenever he’s making a decision or talking about something new, he has a way of looking to me as if he’s checking to make sure I’m alright with whatever he’s saying.
I have told him, at least in part, how I feel about him – but he still doesn’t really do anything about it.

Though I don’t believe it too well, I’ve had people constantly compliment me, say I’m “so sweet” and “so pretty”…
Many, many times I’ve had guys from past school’s finally e-mail me and tell me about the huge crushes they had on me in school, even though they never said anything. Which I find a bit frustrating…
Believe me, I can understand, but it still confuses me.

Again, I do feel like this guy cares, and when we are around each other, he’s still silent. It’s different though – he’s never that quiet around other people like that, only me. Other’s notice it too, but they don’t have too much insight into it. They just notice it’s different.

When we do get to talking it’s not awkward at all, but it’s a matter of someone saying something first.

My fear is always something along the lines of I’m such a freak I weird him out and make him super uncomfortable – but then there’s always the idea that maybe he’s as nervous as I am?

My mom has always said that in high school the guys were the same way, but when she graduated – years later they all told her how they all liked her and she was just too intimidating…

I just don’t know, I can hardly tell up from down right now. Over all of this time he hesitates with me, when he seems like he wants to do something about it, but he’s not afraid of talking to other girls and hanging around them a whole lot.

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3 Answers

I think he may just be nervous around you because he likes you, and is scared to say or do something that could mess it up between you guys. I know its a little awkward and scary but why not just ask him how he feels? if you bring it up he most probably will tell you, and if you're afraid you can always do it over text or something! and dont worry about being a "freak" or "weird" because if he loves you and really cares about you, he will love that about you! trust me, normal is boring!
he is just stupid:) try to hint to him as much as possible and hope he takes the bait or you can always say it for what it is but that will ruin the fun...
He sounds really sweet! The only way to know how someone is really feeling is by using your words - so ask him! That is the only way to be sure :)