I Have No Idea How To Deal With This! Help?!


Okay, so I’ve been dating this guy, David, on and off for almost four years. We’ve been that way since we were fourteen, we’re now eighteen. Recently, we decided to break up- for good, I think.
That was about four months ago, so it’s clear to me that we probably won’t be together again. He started dating this other girl, Megan. It seems like they have a pretty serious thing going on.
Right as I was beginning to move on from him, he texted me one day. He came to me because he found out that Megan had been talking to her old boyfriend and flirting and all that. David said that she’d done this with a few different guys, all while they were dating.
It really pissed me off how he was still with her, even after how much crap she’s put him through. I never did anything like that to him. I don’t get it. She’s a whore!
Also, it made me kind of mad that David was coming to me for advice on his new girlfriend. Is he trying to make me jealous or something. And then he told me I was his first love and that he missed me. Now I’ll never be able to get over him!!
Sorry if this was confusing to read or too much, I there’s so much more I could say. But my point is, Does he still like me? Why is he coming to me for all of his problems? And what do I do?
Thanks guys.
Update: I forgot to mention that he frequently texts me asking how I am and what I’ve been up to.

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A relationship is not a sport. There are no time out or stopping then starting a relationship over again and again. A relationship is consistency of growth and understanding. It's something that is worked on. Second chances are real, but if this has happen over a period of time it wasn't meant to be. Because by now he should know if he care about you. He keep talking with you because you've always been there for him even after breaking up. He know you will be there and get back with you whenever he wants. See? He know these things about you, but he doesn't consider your feelings. How you feel is important because your happiness also matters. Ask yourself "Do I want to be happy?" Be happy for yourself and not because of anyone else. Know that you need a relationship that will help you grow as a person, not be someone stand by when their other relationship fail. Give yourself what you deserve, which is happiness and love. Do you want a relationship that goes on and off? Or do you want a relationship where you can feel loved and cared about without the fear of breaking up? Everything is up to you. How you want to be treated is up to you. You set the boundaries. A relationship is a two way street. You don't keep breaking someone's heart that you truly care about. Do you want to be free from this problem? Try letting go the problem. Let him go and do what's best for your heart. All you're doing now is delaying the time for you to be truly happy. Don't worry what he's trying to do. Worry about what you want to do and what you can do for your happiness. Let this be a learning experience on what kind of relationship you want for future relationship. Trust yourself. Everything will be okay. Do you want to be chained down in something you know you deserve so much more respect and love? Or do you want free and be with someone who will treat you for what you're truthfuly worth? Everything is up to you.
I have been through this and honestly you have to make a decision right now on whether or not you are willing to fight for him to stay in your life or you are wanting to let go and move on from him. Know that either one you make is not going to be easy. I personally say to let him go and move on because it seems that he has moved on with his new GF.. He is texting you because I am sure he does miss you at times and wants to know how you are.. but he is being selfish. He is texting you to cure his feelings of loneliness, sadness, anger or whatever it is.. and what do you get out of it? it just makes you sad and angry. So make a decision whether you want to keep talking to him and feeling that way until he is the one that makes a choice of who he wants to be with.. or cut him out of your life and take the time to make yourself happy and independent again.
I agree with KellyMichelle, but I'd also say that it's really possible that what he's saying are mostly just empty words. The reason he's texting you now is most likely because he just found out Megan is flirting/texting with her exes, so he's just trying to get back at Megan by texting exes himself. He might miss you a little- I think anyone who is human misses their exes a little bit- but he's moved on for months. You just started the healing process of moving on...from someone who fought to win back an ex for 9 months I beg you please please don't open yourself up for more hurt and stress!