i have a problem at school with grades and im scared to tell my mom


I have finally tasted real social life in long while and I’m currently in my first year of gcse s. I have a history of good grades and my mom is proud of me but lately it got bad, I got two b which is bad enough for me but I also have two d which I didn’t tell my parents about… they have really high standarts for me and I’m scared to dissapoint them because of our situation, but my mom’s reaction to the bs was horrible: “Do you like dissapointing us?!” It hurt my feelings really badly and I don’t want to hear screaming or shouting, her cries, my dad’s anger… plz help me! I’m so scared right now, no typical advise like talk yo them, I’m sure they will undrrstand cus it doesn’t work… plz help

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2 Answers

Well man you don't tell about the d grades that you got just work extra hard for the next semester and get a grades kind of like you are balancing it for the d you got.
I had this same issue in high school. Honestly, I just told them and took my lumps. They didn't understand, but it is what it is. It happened. I would try to get great grades next semester to avoid the issue again. Or else just stand up for yourself.