I have a girlfriend i dont get along with should i dump her?


she is saying if i use marijuana she will never talk to me again… i understand where she is coming from but whats the point of living if you cant be happy and do the things that make you happy right…?

Category: asked May 23, 2014

7 Answers

Sometimes if someone is hell bent on making you choose weed or them, depending on the importance of a person to you, can help with the decision. I know personally some people who smoke weed and still continue their days just as well and sometimes better than every one around them. Weed isn't really a bad thing. It relieves stress and can cause temporary happiness. Some people aren't worth cutting your own happiness to make them happy. Some people need an outlet. As long as you aren't over spending money you don't have on weed or doing it too much around her, maybe she will loosen up. Maybe she is just really "anti-weed" and if that's the case, if you quit, would there be a chance that she will find something else to change about you? Sometimes smoking weed can become a life style. It can take control of you or you can be in full control. Either way it's your choice. If she doesn't respect that, than maybe she isn't for you. No one should have to stop any form of happiness unless it's truly a danger to themselves. If it is a danger, seek out help in the form you see it. I'm speaking only from personal experience. I made the mistake of making an ex stop smoking. I ended up changing him completely, and it was horrible. He became angry, someone I couldn't even recognize. I not only changed that about him but I ended up changing everything about him. Sometimes stopping someone from their "outlet" can have serious repercussions. If it was your mother or sister asking you to stop, than that's another story. But she is your girlfriend, another fish in the sea. Just don't let it take over your life if you are addicted.
smoking weed isn't for everyone, and it can prove to be quite the addiction. i can also see where she's coming from, where you'll be addicted to the point where it scares and hurts her. you should also be able to find happiness from your girlfriend. hope this helped.
Relationships are about compromise. Doing what makes you happy in life is important but if you make the decision to share your life with a significant other then you need to think about their happiness as well. Now personally if marijuana is the only thing that makes you happy in life then you might have some thinking to do. Marijuana is temporary. It is temporary happiness. You have a decision to make. You have to decide which you want more. The marijuana or your girlfriend.
The people I know that smoke a lot of weed have bad hygiene, have a bad memory, and they constantly do irresponsible things that they know will get them into trouble. There are weed smokers that aren't like that at all, but if you are constantly talking about weed, smelling like weed, can you really blame someone for not being into that? I think if smoking is a part of who you are and a part of your value system, find a girl that also smokes. because having someone accept you is part of a relationship. But if you do it occasionally anyway then I don't see the harm in quitting.
Maybe you could look at it from a different perspective. She's trying to make you a better person. But if you don't want her to do that or she's a buzzkill for doing so, I think it might be well for you to end the relationship. But it will depend on who you hold more important--yourself or your relationship? Also, don't forget to have a little self-respect. There are some things you can't stop even if people tell you to because it's what you want and it's YOU that you're both talking about.
I think she's worried about how it might affect your health, the people you hang out with, and you in general. Weed does change people, when they're high they act differently and sometimes do stupid things. When their not high, they want to be, it becomes an addiction for some. If it's not her way of life, she probably wants you to support her in that. I don't think she's doing it to spite you, she's just worried at what might happen. If it really does make you happy, you might want to think about that a little more. You should be able to live a happy and full life, without drugs.
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