i have a boy friend and i dont know if i like someone else


i been getting mixed emotion from my friend because i dont know if i like him or not and i dont want like him because i have a boy friend but if i do i need to talk to my boy friend about it and i love him very much i just dont want to hurt him. whenever im with my friend i joke with him and stuff but sometimes i feel so weird and i feel guility sometimes because i feel like im doing something wrong :(

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3 Answers

Okay so to start off you are not doing anything wrong. So long as you don't do anything with your friend your thoughts are just that. Whether or not to talk to your boyfriend about it is your decision, but honestly I don't think you should at the moment. It sounds like you are loyal to him but you are attracted to a friend. Unless you feel you are at risk of cheating on him this could open a bag of worms that would be difficult to deal with. You are not doing anything wrong, maybe try to get over your attraction or spend less time with your friend. Tell him only if you want to but that's just my perspective.
I say talk to your other. Talk. Be honest. Tell him that you are loyal but feelings like this come and you are moving past them. He needs to know that you are worried. Mature enough to see the issue and make a solution. Hanging out with friend is a very much needed no-no. Do not tell the friend you like him in this weird way. If you want to open that book FIRST close the other. Its incredibly heart breaking for the boyfriend in this case with a quite clear line of betrayal. I know your feeling are changing because people are ever-changing. Spend more time with your other and do things you would normally do with your friend. I know thats weird to see probably but it works. And see. Again. Why your feeling are very true to him. no questions asked. And if this doesnt happen. Its very clear you need to move on. You are discovering new things that just dont "click" as you change and being honest with these changes are progressive for you and the people you care about.
Been there....For my experience if I was you I will take a break from both....take some time just for you and reflect about your fellings. Maybe in distace you can see the situation and your felllings better. Once that you separete things, you can talk to them with confidence, knowing what you want and avoiding broken hearts