I get in relationship with guy I don’t like


I’ve been in relationship for almost 2 year (3 days from now actually). But the problem is… I don’t even like the guy I’m going out with. I was quite overjoyed with the thought of having my first boyfriend when I was 14 years old, so when he tried hard to get close to me, I was pleased and said ‘yes’ immediately.

We’re just fine for a while, but things get worse and worse. He’s a jealous man, and I don’t like boundaries, he wants me to do many things for him which I don’t want to, but I had to do them because he got angry at me. I feel like I’m going out as compulsory and nothing more.

I grew more and more tired of him at which I’ve come to hate him. We broke up several times, he won’t let me go. I hate it, but I don’t know how to say it to him. I know he loves me, but I don’t, so what should I do?

Category: asked January 20, 2015

2 Answers

You need to be honest with him. Tell him that you don't feel the same for him anymore. It's better to break up. This isn't going anywhere. You're miserable in this relationship and eventually he might be as well. It's better if you cut all contact with him, so that you both can move on. Be honest that you currently don't feel anything for him anymore, but there's no need to tell him that you never did. That would cause a lot of pain for him, considering two years is a long time. Sometimes when relationships have lasted for a while, they get boring and dreadful. If you never were really in love, then it is understandable that you feel this way.
Definitely be honest with him, but by the sounds of it he can get angry. Just remember to never allow anyone to harm you or put you in an uncomfortable situation to which you don't want to be in! Let him know that you no longer have any feelings for him, cut all ties completely but do so with careful consideration, nearly 3 years in a relationship is a long time so as long as you are sure which you sound like you are. Keep in mind that it may be painful for him as well, but under no circumstance should you remain in a relationship that you do not want to. Please be careful of his anger and if need be contact someone for help or the proper authorities if his anger gets out of control or he does not leave you alone. I hope you find happiness and love and I wish you the best of luck!God bless