I fucked up my exam.


“Fucked up” I think, is the proper way to describe my current situation ( pardon my use of profanity). It just happened last Friday, it was an exam day. And the subject I recently took an exam on that day was statistics. To be honest, i am not really good in mathematics. My mathematics skills is below the charts, and I’m really slow when it comes to numbers and digits. I did study but I haven’t really mastered the whole concept on how to solve certain problems that were given in the exam. In the exam day, I tried to cheat. I had different pictures of formulas and examples, that I’ve taken from my notebook. But still I haven’t managed a to answer a single number. The bell rang, and the prof. signaled it was time to pass the paper. And it filled me with utter disgust that I passed a paper with no, I repeat, NO ANSWERS on it. When I left the class I felt really bad about it, the other people in my class had answers, and its embarrassing to admit that I havent done anything for the whole hour of the exam. I feel so useless and stupid that I somehow asked God, if I really am dumb witted. Somehow, I never really liked that class and the subject as well. Right now, Im suppose to go to statistics class but im too scared and shy to go in because my professor might blabbed about me not answering a single thing in the exam. What do i do? How can I cope with this?

Tags: asked May 11, 2015