I feel weird?


So I’m a 15 year old gay boy, and I’m kind of going through this stage of life where I would absolutely love to have a romantic relationship with a nice guy who loves me just as much as I love him, but at the same time I also feel completely emotionless, like a robot. I’ll go through one day wanting to hug almost every hot guy I see, and then the next I have zero emotions toward them, and then the day after that the cycle continues. Is this normal? Am I okay, or is something wrong in my development process?

Category: Tags: asked February 25, 2015

2 Answers

It sounds like you have mood swings. That would explain why one moment you feel like hugging people and the next you don't feel anything. This doesn't make you weird at all. It just depends on your mood. It might also be an underlying problem which makes you feel this way.
Given the information you have told me I understand your concern and it appears that you might be experincing lust when you observe some of these "hot" guys and alot of people argue whether or not it's just a part of growing up. No doubt you'll run into these problems when you start dating but that's the best perk of dating, to see if you can actually commit to a relationship with your partner which relies if you love him till eternity and back. I say some of these factors play off your emotions too (whether your happy or sad) but if you keep searching you might be able to uncover Mr.Right by the end and have that relationship you desire.