I feel unwanted.


I don’t know, I could worry about more important things but this gets to me a lot. I just don’t feel liked by my little group of friends. I feel I always make the wrong decisions sometimes, a few people have actually ‘left’ our ‘group’ because they felt the same way. I feel under pressure all the time. I feel like I can have no other friends because no one likes them, I ALWAYS feel I am being talked about. I just have a hard time coping around them because I am constantly being left out. There is 5 of us now, and it being an odd number, just leaves me on the sidelines. I feel I can’t tell any of them my problems because they will ‘top’ it or say something like ‘people go through much worse and thats your consern’ and maybe they have a point there, but it will be my problem so it’s important to me. They always dismiss me aswell, we have a class where were all in it and they sit at two tables divided by them and im all the way on the other side of the classroom. It also feels like I cant speak to any boy or get involved in a relationship without any of them speaking to him aswell and it feels like a constant comeptition on whose prettier, and I feel like im loosing all the time.
I think because I am not confident at all (confronting people, being my own person) it controls me. I mix well with other people but I just can’t bear to lose those 5 friends, because the fear of losing them completly and also just them hating me. I have 2 more years left of school and I dont want this hassle all the way through.

I have mentioned all the bad things about those 5, but they can also be the best people in the whole world when they want, thus me not wanting to lose them.

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I actually have the same problem! But what I do is just think, yeah maybe sometimes they make me feel awful but so what? We're friends and that shouldn't matter. There will be down times but there is in everything! Just think of all the fun memories and where would you be with out them? Hope this helps!
wow Clair, ...you seem like a really cool person and aware of whats going on around you. Your smart, well spoken, and down to earth. and you are looking ahead..thats very cool :D ..ok back to your situtation, your between a rock and a hard place , not an easy fix for this situtation that i can think of....and i wish i could,...but i have a feeling somehow you will come up with a plan of action, like i said, your a smart person, ..believe in yourself Claire...you are stronger than you know.. ....(if i do think of something that may help i'll be back to post it)

Life is simply... Too short to be worrying about what other people are saying.

Remember your life is an occasion, you have to rise to it :D

You'll always be welcomed here, and there are countless amounts of people willing to listen and help you out.

Including myself :D
btw, lots of great people here at blah, i know lots of great ideas will get posted :)
Robin; Thank you, you've cheered me up a bunch!
Amlife100; Thank you aslo for making me feel welcomed and for the advice:)
Lila Lo; It's an awful situation to be in isn't it? I always try and top their cons with pros but I end up falling short. They are great people to who they want to be and when they want. I just don't think I fit in with them well. Thank you it did help!