I feel so conflicted..


I am conflicted. I feel like I should… I feel angry..

I don’t even know what to type I’m so conflicted..


1 I know it’s wrong, but I feel like self harming.

2 I don’t know whether I should forgive my sister or not

3 Is it bad to love the sister that sexually abused me more than the one that physically/verbally abused me?

4 I don’t know if I should text my crush or not. (We haven’t talked in weeks cause I’m the one who always initiates conversation so I decided not to. She hasn’t tested me so I guess the friendship is just over at this point. :) )

5 What is the best way to meditate?

Those are all my thoughts that are being jumbled into a ball and are wrecking havoc inside ny mind arena where it can roll around and smash into other composed and orderly thoughts turning them into messy jumbled of havoc wreacking thoughs!!

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2 Answers

hey, if you want you can message me, this seems to be the kinda thing that will take a conversation. im here to help if you would like ^_^
I agree with Seven Legends, this seems pretty wide. I can cover the "meditation part" the best btw. Oh, and about texting your GF, if you always start the conversations with good attitudes, she might think you like starting conversations, and think of it as a routine. If she sees you not texting her anymore, that'll probably bring her sadness and suspicion, and she's probably doing the same, waiting for you to text her back, of course that's not absolute, just what I think. She probably doesn't know that you don't like to be the one who always start conversations. Relationships with your sister that sexually abused you and stuff...woah, this will take some time to talk and stuff.Please PM me too, I'm also a very helpful person!