I feel like nothing without a boy. what to do?


So recently me and this guy who I’ve had a thing with for a while left me. We still talk and every so often we still do things and I let it happen because I feel like nothing without him. I’m starting to lose interest in other things and everything’s about him and its not right. I want to love myself without needed a boy to love me. This is hard for me.

Category: asked March 27, 2015

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Your worth is not dictated or measured by whether or not you have a romantic partner. You are lonely, and that is completely understandable. The tricky part about relationships is that is takes a toll on people psychologically; in relationships, w stop thinking in terms of "me ", and start thinking in terms of "us". We lose a sense of our individuality and it becomes harder to function once that union is broken.

You need to look at yourself in the mirror and assert that you are a person. You do not need a romantic partner to give your life worth. You matter.
i feel you. this is what you should do throw the things that make u remember him and just focus to your won life your old life without him before. so eventually youll say yeah you have been moved on
Please do not feel this way. If you allow yourself to feel this way, you will not have a real marriage or partner in your life. You will fall desperate and put yourself in an unhappy and maybe dangerous situation. Love yourself and enjoy your own company before a guy's. Respect yourself first and allow yourself not to depend too much on guys.
Look me and your have a lot in common, more than I like to admit in all honesty. There was a girl I dated and she dropped me like a bad habit! After that I was her slave to do as she wished at a wim. It sucked the very life outta me. For four years I dealt with the pain and the anxiety and I dated others and cheated on them with her , I could never stop myself. Its going to be hard but you have to physically and emotionally cut him off , facebook , twitter,snapchat , your friends with benefits attractions. You've gotta stop now. Itll take time , im married now and at times when I see my ex the feelings rush back like a wildfire you just have to be the one to throw water on it.
I have been in your shoes before. It's hard to get rid of that nagging feeling, yes. However, despite knowing it wasn't healthy, I persisted. There is only one solution to this problem, and as much as it pains you to commit to doing this, you must let go. It is the first step in embracing your individual beauty and getting rid of the chains that bind you to him. Pamper yourself. Go to the spa. Get your nails done. Go shopping. Excercise. The results will show. Spoil yourself. You deserve it. Finally, keep in mind that your worth is not determined by any romantic associations.
Aw baby. You have to realize you have the whole universe inside you. No boy can ever take that away from you, what you are stays with you no matter what. You're a beautiful girl and you are letting this guy steal your self esteem from you. So what do you do? First step is stop seeing him. Stop talking to him. DO NOT, and I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE DO NOT sleep or do anything sexual with him because you do not feel you are enough for yourself. You are hurting yourself, this is self harm. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, and I mean it literally. After a while your feelings start changing due to reaffirmative thoughts. Stay busy. Go out and do something fun with your friends. Talk to people. Be open about your situation. Life is beautiful, sweetheart. And you do not deserve this. There will be many other guys until you find the right one for you. Don't you see? This is all meant to happen. There has to be one, and then another, and another, until the right one comes along. It happens to all of us. We are ALL here for you. Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are. Are you going to let this guy hurt you? Doesn't it get you a bit angry that you feel this passionate about him and he doesn't feel anything at all? And on top of that you let him do sexual things with you, basically, for free. He isn't your boyfriend, he isn't giving you love, not even a real friendship, and you give him a free pass. Love and respect yourself. You do not need a man to be complete. This happens to all of us, and I promise this will pass. But you need to try. Please feel free to message me anytime about this issue or anything at all. I would love be there to support you. Love, Alex XOXO