I feel like my mom doesn’t love me


I feel like I’m not loved by my mom, I try and become a good daughter but I think she doesn’t notice it. I try and have good grades and when I do, I tell her about it but it feels like it’s not good enough for her. I have a little brother that’s 12 years old and I feel like all of her attention goes to him, it’s not because of jealousy but she never gives me that motherly affection like what she always does to my brother. My father is out of the country because of work so it’s just the three of us at home and I’m kind of a daddy’s girl so it’s not really working out for me but I do try my best to make my mom proud of me and have a reason to love me but I feel like everything I do is nothing to her. I feel like she’s too caught up with work and at the end of the week she doesn’t bond with us (my brother and I) anymore and she just either sleeps on weekend afternoons or do some housework. We only go out together when my brother or I have something to buy for school but other than that, we’re just at home. I just want to know that she loves me and I want to feel that she cares for me equally as she did with my brother. I just don’t understand why and how it became like this. I just feel unloved and just alone. I know she’s trying her best to become a great mother and I know that other people will say that she does love me but how can I be sure about that when I don’t see anything that connects to love? She does give me food and etc. but other than that, there’s nothing.

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2 Answers

Hello there Mary, I'm sorry you're feeling this way, I know it's hard to figure out and sometimes you feel a little lost and left behind. I think it's just everything that's piling up on mom trying to make sure you have everything materialistic around and making sure bills are paid. It's possible she thinks you don't need the attention as much as your younger sibling and just isn't aware that you want some attention too. There's a few things you could do:

Talk to mom, she might not even be aware of how you feel, talk to her, it will probably help you tons.
You mentioned shes always doing housework when she gets back from work and never has the time to spend with you guys? Do you think you'd be able to help her out before she gets back from work? (Make sure you know what you're doing of course, just ask her if you can help :)) This would help her free up some time to spend with you, think up some things you love doing together and just ask her if she's up for them. I promise you she'll try her best for you.
I have felt this same thing, with regards to both mom and dad. Just ask her whenever you can if there's anything you can do to help. When you see that she isn't stressed, ask her if you can spend some time with her, talk to her, that sort of thing. I'm sorry you're feeling this, but keep your chin up! Things do get better.