I feel annoying.


Do you ever get the feeling that you just annoy everyone you talk to? I just can’t help it. I don’t almost ever start conversations, because i feel like i am gonna annoy that person. I don’t know how to get over that feeling. Could someone please help? Thank you.

Category: asked August 10, 2014

3 Answers

Be patient with yourself. When we share positive aspects of our lives with others, we tend to feel enthusiastic. So if you are annoyed by over-detailed explanations try to look foward :)
You're really not annoying, your excitement and intelligence levels are probably way above the average person's, so when this average person cannot deal with it, they call you annoying etc. eventually you'll find cool people to hang out where you can be yourself and you guys can talk talk talk talk talk! NO LIMITS! <3
It would be easier to give advice if I could see what you're like when you're talking to other people. BUT here are 2 things that I try to avoid because I find them annoying in conversations:

1) Going off-topic
It's annoying when a bunch of people are talking about Summer Vacation for example and someone suddenly pipes in and says something about the football pre-season games. It's just seen as being irrelevant and attention-seeking.

2) Talking too much about yourself
It's easy to talk about the one person you know most about: yourself! But instead of expressing your own personal opinion, like: "My dog is a german shepard, and that's my favorite dog breed." I think it's better to build off of what other people said... and ask questions about other people.

I don't know you, so I'm not diagnosing that "you are annoying and this is why". But that's my 2 cents on how not to be annoying in conversations. Take from it what you will. :)