I enjoy sex. It’s not all I look for, but it would be nice.


Is it bad that I desire sex? I know how to treat a girl, and that it is nothing compared to caring for someone for her personality and love. I am a caring and affectionate person. Loyal, and loving. But I do have sexual drive. Is that a bad thing?

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4 Answers

Having a sexual drive is not a bad thing at all. It is best just to watch yourself when you are with others. Depending on the person you will meet or have met, you don't want to push anything unless you know she is okay with it or the same exact way. I respect the fact that you know the difference between caring for a girl and your sexual urges! Honestly not a lot of people can do that or just tell them apart at all.
Having a Sex Drive is never a bad thing. If it was a bad thing, the Human Race wouldn't really exist. But it's better to have one and control it than have one and f#&k everything that moves, and it's great that you appreciate and respect the opposite sex than just as sex objects. Wanting to mate is a basic natural instinct that we all have.
not at all, you're a man with testosterone. It happens. I want sex like 95% of my day or at least think about it. That may be a skewed number though.
no its a normal thing, try to find someone with the same sex drive as you