I don’t want to relapse from my eating disorder


In high school I was anorexic. I did not seek help and never told anyone until after I had recovered. I lost roughly 25-30 lbs within a short amount of time. I ended up in the hospital for a prolonged amount of time because I was too small and weak to handle a simple cold. After being released from the hospital I began to recover. I never said the words out loud that I had anorexia. To this day I’ve only said it a hand full of time.
At this point, I am paying my way through my second year of college and as a result of stress and money being very tight, I have begun to eat less and skip meals for up to 18 hrs at a time. Its almost too easy for me to not eat like I used to.
I guess my question is, how do I prevent myself from going down this road again? Should I seek professional help?

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Hey! I'm very sorry this has happened to you! I think you are overly stressed and busy, both things that can keep you from being healthy in any aspect. If there is any way at all for you to cut some things out of your schedule, please do! Things will get better. Reach out to people like your family and close friends for money, they will understand, as most college students have tight budgets. You won't be a burden to anybody! Add into your schedule three specific meal times. Make sure you get a break to eat these three meals. Eat them, of course! :) If you get thoughts that make you feel like you should restrict or purge, stop eating for a moment and write on a piece of paper all the health complications that come with eating disorders. (Infertility, kidney damage, body hair, death, etc.) Once you've completed it read it over and when you are ready, finish your meal. I believe that you do need some therapy, maybe twice a month with a therapist or social worker. You only need it to work out your past experiences. If you don't understand and work past them they will only come back to haunt you, (or cause you to relapse.) I hope everything works out! xoxo