I don’t want a long distance but its making me feel guilty


My boy friend is moving to another county for university and im going to another. I dont think i can handle a long distance and he said its okay and they he wont force me to, but you see, i really do care about him and i wish we could stay together but the whole never being able to really be with one another isnt something i can handle. but other than that it makes me feel guilty because he really cares about me so i feel bad… Does not being able to handle long distance make me a terrible person?

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2 Answers

Long distance relationships are the ultimate test, especially with both of you attending different universities as we all know what happens at most of them. As the previous poster said there are plenty of ways to stay in contact now-a-days but when I was in your situation we couldn't make it work and I found out it was a nice time to be single because theres a lot of new experiences to be had at university and he didn't want me to have any of them, especially without him. So its really up to both of you and how much you trust the other person, but it doesn't make you a terrible person. I'm a firm believer in if it's meant to be it will be, if after the first semester you two have kept in contact and want to hang out over the summer and try it again that could always be an option. Just do whats best for you, always, and you'll be just fine.Good luck!
no don't feel guilty about i bet your just scared but that's ok to be. but i don't think you should give up on it you could find time to call each other once a week, skype, email, text and even the old fashion writing a letter to one another. if you care for him and him for you, you can try right. it will be testing there's no doubt there but be strong and keep your head up. and no you aren't a terrible person, but give yourself some credit you never know what could happen and if the relationship fails you can at least say that you tried