I don’t know what’s happening


I can feel my entire body, I have a slight tingling sensation going on throughout my body. When I look at an object, be it a plastic bottle of soap, or a vase, I associate it with theories such as the wormhole or the seven bridges.

My mind is cloudy, it keeps skipping to different topics and I can see them in front of me like a fading object. I see faces of historical figures and family members looking at me, I unconsciously time the movement of an object… I perceive an object and can ‘morph’ it at my minds will.

I can hear water and remember voices. My memories keep flashing in front of me. I can sense electricity running through the cords, when I look at the computer for a fraction of a second I perceive everything inside, even the fan rotating and the dust spitting off it.

As I type I can hear a strange melody that is so abnormal. When I breathe I can feel the air moving into my nose.

I feel disconnected from my body.

This morning I had a ‘waking nightmare’, whereby I woke up very early, for an unknown reason and saw what looked like a giant spider on my ceiling. At first I just observed it, I had doubts that it could be real, then I jumped up and turned on the light. Nothing was there.

I perceive outer space to be behind me, I can sense and feel asteroids, comets, quarks, supernovas and the most fundamental constituents of reality behind me.

I can feel my bones move as I type and my skin slightly stretching.

I can see shapes all around me. Daunting geometry appears inside, outside it’s merely blissful. I see a shadow in front of me and begin to think about the possibilities of higher dimensions. I see a faux fur hat to my right and can sense macromolecules nearby. I look underneath it and notice a book I studied, I instantly remember what’s on the page… pythagoras’ theorem.

I look at my hand and sense the blood travelling through it.

What is this? It’s like sensory overload or something.

I previously suffered from depression and anxiety, I’m not sure what’s going on now though.

I see an object and suddenly I perceive a seemingly implausible representation of infinity.


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2 Answers

You really sound like a person with an awesome mind and thoughts, but what is happening to you is concerning. I strongly suggest to go to a proffesional to see what is going on in your head to make you see and feel those things. There are a lot of things there I would associate with anxiety because it's seems like an extreme alert state to me... I really don't know.
Thank you to all who answered my questions