I don’t know what to do with my Gf


Hello guys, i need some help from you, if you want.
Here is a little background:
1 year ago I started university, and bonded with a cool little group of friends.
In this group there was this girl, i kinda liked her, but she was engaged at the time, so no big deal.
Then after 6 months se broke up with his old boyfriend, an was single until on the month of may we were together at the house of one of our friends, and we kissed.
I was intrigued, since this was my first somewhat “serious” relationship (i am 20 btw), and we were really close for 2 moths or so, and now comes the problem.
i don’t know why, but it has been a few weeks since i started losing interest in her. No there isn’t another girl I like (and i don’t know if it’s worse or not) i just, kinda note feeling going out with her lately, and almost find texting and talking to her on the phone a chore. I know, it is terrible, but despite how much i try (i really want to like her this way) i can’t bring myself to do so. She is very fond of me and probably likes me really much, i know it because she always goes on how much she is taken by this relationship.
The worst thing is that if she were to break up with me, i would not be happy nor sad, i simply would not care, and i don’t know why.
I always thought that, if i ever were to get in a relationship, I would have been the sticky one, the one that always search for the other, and seeing things going the opposite way is weirding me out, as if I don’t like her anymore.
She is wanting me to know her friends and her mother, and i could not care less, despite consciously wanting to feel honored. She is starting to notice me getting more and more distant, but tries even harder to get me back.
I know the right thing to do is to talk to her directly and probably break up, especially since she confessed me that she had thought about breaking up with me, but always held back.
She is a very emotional girl, and don’t want to make her feel sad, also we are very close since not only we go to the same classes, we also have most of or friends in common.
I know i sound like a bad person, and i probably am, but I honestly just want the best for her. Can you say me something? please?
Thank You

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4 Answers

How's your life going? You might just be bored, in general. But if this relationship is the only thing where you feel like this, then yeah, consider ending it for her sake, a clean cut or 'taking a pause', where you sort out how you feel about her (it could be too easy to say you will be indifferent to it). There's no way to not hurt her or for it to not be awkward after, but you'll manage, and the sooner she's with someone else who is enthusiastic about her, the better she will be.
I dont know but maybe you could just be looking for adventure. it happens to some people but I dont suggest you break up with her right away if you arent really sure if you still love her or not. You guys can take a break away from each other for a while to know your true feelings for each other(not really breaking up but like what @rinseandrep said, more like a pause) becaise you might habe regrets in losing her. But if you are sure about what you feel about her, I guess you should break up. She would get more hurt if you make her hope for something for so so long that wont happen than to just break up after you are sure abt how you feel.
Thanks for answering, my life is doing good, not the best thing in the world but good. But i feel horrible for not feeling anything, almost as if something inside me is broken and i don't know how to fix it.
I'm going to jump on the "break up with her" bandwagon. It will hurt, yes, but less now than letting this fester.