I don’t know what to do for Thanksgiving


So my family is going away for thanksgiving, but due to my school and work, I can’t join them.. So I don’t know what I’m doing.
I also have two girlfriends, both of whom have invited me to spend the holiday with their families. But I can’t decide between them. I don’t want to pick on and make the other feel like I don’t care. I also don’t know if i want to endure potentially awkward family time if i’m not overly serious about either girl.
So I don’t know what to do.

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do they know you have 2 girlfriends
I'm confused as to how you have two girlfriends.
Well, the two girlfriends complicates this. I suggest you either figure out which one you're most serious about and go with her, or have Thanksgiving on your own, maybe with friends who are in the same boat as you.
If you have two girlfriends, then you're clearly not serious enough about either one to make a commitment, or to be meeting families. Unless this is something they're both aware of, and both agreed to? If they don't, do not spend thanksgiving with either one. It's a pretty big deal for a girl to bring her boyfriend home, and an even bigger deal for the family to meet the boyfriend. If at some point either of these girls finds out about one another, they'll probably be pretty upset, the family will find out and they're going to be like "You mean that nice boy you brought for Thanksgiving was cheating on you with another girl?" They're not going to like that you were betraying their daughter, eating their food AND giving thanks with their family at the same time.
If this is a situation that both girls are aware of, then I guess you should just be concerned about which family has the better spread.
Good luck!
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both girls knew about one another, and i know most of both of their families. however, one of them (the one I'm more serious about) just had a mental breakdown, and needs to work on her, so we're taking a break. so i think I'm spending thanksgiving alone, gonna get pizza or something.