I dont know what to believe or do anymore… Help?


So this is kind of a long story. I’ll cut it short hopefully it makes sense… i like this guy (we’ll call him R) and im really good friends with his best friend Mike, who is dating my best friend Emily. So one day i tell Mike i kinda have a crush on R. A couple of weeks later Mike and i are talking and he tells me R used to like Emily. i was shocked and confused the moment he told me. I really didnt understand why he thought i needed to know that. Emily is my best friend so she encourages me to talk to R and me knowing that R used to like or still likes her holds me back so i decided to tell Emily what Mike told me. She apologized to me which i don’t think was necessary, its not her fault i don’t have anything against her. Shes my friend and i love her. Mike constantly tells me he feels as if R has feelings for me too. He says I’m “the only girl he hasn’t denied”. I find that hard to believe and i really don’t know what to do. Should i forget R completely? Or should i just take a risk and continue to try to get to know him? Please help!

Tags: asked April 27, 2014

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Hello Miss Nina.

You found out that R liked your friend Emily. That means absolutely nothing. Don't let it bother you. If you like young "R", then see how well you get along. If you are a good match, things will work themselves out.

Best of luck, and do not hesitate to return with anymore questions.
Hey sweetie! I used to be in that position. Stay positive! If you talk to R maybe try to catch some little signs. If you get that little feeling that he likes you, then maybe he does! Hang out with him more. For example, if his and your best friend go to hang out tag along and invite R, or Mike can invite R. (: If you get that vibe that he doesn't like you, then cool whatever. Don't get sad over it because everything happens for a reason! I hope everything goes well. <3 If you need to talk I'm here. (: Good luck
Don't give up! Just because he liked one of your friends once, doesn't mean he wouldn't like you! I was in R's position once. I had once liked this guy (very slightly. turns out we were more like siblings than 'lovers' and nothing ever happened), now I'm madly in love with his friend. Two years strong and I've never even considered feelings for anyone else. Feelings for people come and go, you may find that R liked several people that you know but doesn't anymore. So, keep pursuing and you may see he really has feelings for you! Good luck! :)
It doesn't matter who he liked first...it's who he likes now. If you don't try, you'll never know.