I don’t know what I should do?


Okay so here’s the deal. I have a crush on this boy. Ever since I came to the school in 5th grade. No one knew. But I was one of his best friends. So he told me he liked one of my bffs. It turned out she liked him too. It killed me. But nevertheless I helped to get them together. I loved them both too much. Then some stuff hppened in her life and for the past couple of years she’s been hot and cold towards him. Whenever I ask how their relationship is going he or she says “its complicated”.Now I’m going to high school. The same high school as him. She’s going to a different high school.

Do you think I should persue my crush? Would I be betrying my best friend if I did? Is it selfish of me to?

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2 Answers

I second @nichole, for the time being try not to get hung up on him. You meet all kinds of great new people in high school so always be open to new relationships and try not to get tunnel vision about one possibility. On the other hand, he isn't going anywhere and there is always a chance that their relationship eventually won't work and that something could happen between the two of you, just try not to be solely focused on [email protected]Яadia Hips that just couldn't have been less helpful.
this sounds like the premise to some made-for-tv disney preteen movie, lol.if you don't want to be friends with your girlfriend anymore, sure, go for it. but realize that friendship will be over and you will wear a letter as the wolf in sheeps clothing stalking her best friend's boyfriends. that is how the media will spin it at least.

this could be your only shot at zac effron though, so maybe you don't want to pass up this opportunity.