i dont know if my boyfriend is truely in love with me please help before i take this any further????


my bf and i have never seen each other in person but we have skyped and texted for two years. we have been together for almost one year and i am so lost. we have planned everything out our wedding, where we will live, our kids names, EVERYTHING he even has my engagement ring but for the past two months he has had a sex slave and he told me that she will live with him a year before i ever see him…i have been crying about this off and on all day someone please help me save my relationship i am positive he is the one.

Category: asked February 17, 2015

3 Answers

If he can't wait for you and feels this need to have a sex slave - he isn't the one. It's time to grieve the loss of a first love.
While it's possible that you feel an amazing connection with this person; it is advisable that you meet him in person and spend some time co-habitating before deciding that you're going to be married and making plans for prospective children. It is unfortunately very easy to become enamored with the idea of a person through online communication, but people are entirely different creatures outside of the confines of these tiny screens. You haven't been face to face, and you're already dealing with what sounds like infidelity (from your perspective). That should be a red flag. I would consider moving on and investing myself in something a bit more tangible than an internet boyfriend with a "sex slave".
Sorry dear, but you need to meet a bf in person and know him for a while for him to be a bf. Please do not commit to someone that you have never met. Although you have been talking to him, you probably dont even really know him until you meet him. Plus if he has a sex slave you dont want to be with him because hes not invested in you. break off communication, go outside, and find an actual human to interact with in real life. No judgements. But please dont move forward on this.