i dont know if i believe in god


so im 16 years old and never really went to church alot I was going to church with my ex bf and his family but last year in april 2013 i was kind of pressured into getting baptized but didnt really want to do it. they kept saying “if you dont get baptized you not going be accepted into heaven and your gonna live forever in hell once you die” blah blahhhh blah. You see, sometimes i think gods real but other times i dont. Bc if he was why are people starving, dying, stupid wars, ignorance all around the globe,etc. Maybe im atheist but i really really believe in buddhism. *sigh*… im just really really confused

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We all have a choice to be in a religion we think suits our principles. Hence, an absence of it, doesn't make us any less of a person. We can be spiritual without being affiliated to a certain religious group, and also we can be agnostic, or an atheist. Just as long as you respect the right of others and harm no one, you are on the right path.

But, If you are asking why there are a lot of problems in the world (i.e. people dying from starvation, war) if there is a "God"; all I can say is that all of these problems are created by men. All in all, suffering and problems are all consequences of our past actions. Conflicts arises from misunderstandings, it is the very same reason why people engage in war, people starve bc of inequalities of the social systems and unfair distribution of wealth. It can't be because of "God".
But like LibraryFox mentioned, Go and explore, read and study the core beliefs of other religions, Choose what suits you best, have a good life.
You can believe whatever you wish. I myself have always identified as Buddhist, but also accept Shinto spirituality. It's okay to believe in God, and it's okay to not believe in God. This is your life, and you get decide whether or not you want a spiritual ideology to go with it. Research more about Buddhism if you like, or any religion, really, and you can decide for yourself what, if anything, you wish to identify as. It's okay to be confused. You are discovering who you are and what you believe in. This is as important as you want it to be. Just remember that you are the only person who should get to decide who you are, and you'll be fine.
If your confused about religion explore it! Maybe your aethiest, and if you are that's ok. Maybe your not atheist and also not Christian. That's also ok. Agnostic? That's fine to. If Buddhism works for you go with it.It might take time to find something to fit, but your spiritual (or non-spiritual) life will be all the richer for it and if nothing else you'll learn a lot.
You do not have to. Your doubts and your thoughts matter. You are not a bad person because you are not convinced of a god. Please check your inbox.
You should!
God has plans for you.
Well im a atheist but lets say he was real, then if he solved the world problems people would start being more dependent on him and stop working for themselves; like a parent who spoils their kid constantly and then when they grow up they cant fend for themselves. Plus theres a saying, when you've done everything right it's like you havent done anything at all. Plus if everyone just lived and never died there would be too many people and the world would be overpopulated.

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