I Don’t Know How..


I’m the girl all my friends come to for help and support but when i need help or i know i should ask for it i can’t, i’m the one that one that would do anything for everyone else but suffers in silence mostly because i feel i don’t deserve it or that my problems are stupid compared to others, when i know that they are actually worse but even when i try to talk to someone it somehow always ends up about there everyday problems like their BF/GF hasn’t talked to them all day, when all i want is to have someone i can talk to about my depression without feeling like i’m being self-centered, but i don’t know how to ask for help when i need it the most because iv’e always bottled things up and never talked about my feelings, im not a feeling kind of girl.

Tags: asked March 30, 2013

6 Answers

Have you ever thought that maybe the people you're trying to get help from might not the best ones to ask? Some people are just not caring enough, they can't empathise, or be good listeners.And if you feel that you really can't hold everything in anymore, why not look for the help of someone like a school counsellor? A teacher? An older friend? These people have most likely gone through the same things you're experiencing now and will be able to help, or at least listen.
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