I don’t know how to stop this


I’m not mad, but when i answer back or reply back to anyone, it seems like i’m mad. Like my voice is on a high pitch and its like i’m fighting with someone else. My mom is trying to control me and calm me down, i do calm down a little. And when i think what i did id too bad, i just shut my mouth so that people won’t think i’m mad or shouting again. I don’t know but maybe that’s the way o talk, but its bad

Tags: asked November 30, 2013

2 Answers

I think its just normal to have the "quarreling voice" I'm kinda used to it with people so yeah... you don't have to shut your mouth just to let people see you are okay even when you are not cause if you keep that up.... people will be expecting the same thing.. what if you got tired of it? people will say something bad.... so if your mad, let the whole world see it... cause its normal for people to be mad. If you are happy, then you are happy. Don't hide something that you don't need to hide.... people must respect your feeling and if they get mad cause you let them see your true feeling.. then they aren't worth it. Hope this helps... :)) Good luck sis! :D
Pent up anger maybe?