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I don’t know how to feel about life right now


I feel like i’m constantly stuck between “things aren’t that bad, why am I feeling down?” and “everything sucks and I feel alone.” All of the little things keep weighing me down too. But I feel like my problems are so unimportant compared to what others are going through, you know? I just don’t know what to do. I constantly feel judged about my appearance and what I say or do, by both family and strangers. There is so much stress of picking a course for college and also my fear of trying to look for a job, I get quite anxious and stuff. And not to mention the fact that a close family member passed away recently. Any advice or your own experiences would be appreciated, thank you.

asked June 30, 2015

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On my personal belief, I've always encountered life as something that's almost wild, it's fascinating because everyone has a difference in experience and lives it in various ways. There are two things that you should always keep in mind. 1. All problems are good, they provide us with insight to challenge, and in most cases food for thought. Being said, all problems are important, including yours. You shouldn't even begin to compare your problems to others because of the fact that people live differently, that's like judging that a lion can't swim as good as a fish, it just doesn't fit. 2. When there comes a problem there is always a solution, the motivation to find it is left to the people experiencing it. The problems you've mentioned such as people judging by your looks, collage, anxiousness are ones that are more common than you think, but have different cases. What it comes done to is you are who you are, and if people are judging you for that than you have the right to judge them for doing that to you. In the end those people ultimately just don't understand you, this is your chance to show them who you are =). I can take on a personal note that i'm looking for collage, rather than asking yourself "What do I want to do for the rest of my life?" ask "What do I love to do in simple life, and will I be happy?" That's what it all comes down to, truly having a career means that you love what you do. As for anxiety and anxiousness, along with the passing of a close family member (For which i'm sorry for your loss) it's a great way to remind yourself that we are all human, same flesh, same heart. Just as there will be people that will try to put you down, there will be people that will help you stand back up, and that's what you ultimately have to look for. Set some time for yourself to collect and think, both the good and bad, because in life there is balance in every which way imaginable. If you need to collect and talk, i'm here, just inbox me anytime =]
Just because you feel other people have bigger problems doesn't make yours any less serious. Getting shot by a gun isn't any less lethal just because the person next to you was shot with a cannon.

It sounds like you're going through seasonal depression, with some added stress from your environment making things somewhat worse. The best thing I've found is to surround myself with distractions. Movies, music, going out with friends or taking up new hobbies. Keeping ones self occupied with things one enjoys does wonders for ones outlook on life.
What is your primary concern in life? What do you want?