I care too much.


Everyday at school, I worry about my popularity. I try to fit in, I try to be as good as my best friend. Every one says “It’s just popularity. Who cares?” Well I care. I can’t be seen as a loner. I worry about were I sit everyday at lunch, I worry about my hair when I’m in public. Please help.

Category: Tags: asked October 26, 2013

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Hi lovely, its natural to worry about certain things but you are beautiful just the way you are and if you want to be popular thats fine aswell but dont let it consume you. Buy some nice clothes and do your hair and make up nice and be your wonderful self but the moment you start becoming obessed and pretending to be someone your not being who you are. Populairty isnt everything but i can understand why you want it becuase who doesn't? but honestly if people dont like you for who you are then they arent worth it <3
Are you making yourself happy? The most important thing is that you are happy. If you have to sacrifice your own personal happiness in order to gain something (In this case, popularity), then it is not worth your time or effort, because then you are only working on something that is making you unhappy, or even worse, miserable. Nothing is worth making yourself miserable over, no matter how great we may feel it is.Be brave! Stand for yourself, not for others. If you are always standing for others, you will inevitably begin to feel hollow, unhappy, and eventually depressed. You deserve to be stood for. Stand for yourself, and be yourself freely. Worried about what others will think? Let me tell you a secret; it is literally impossible to please everyone. No matter what you do, who you are, or your intentions, there is always going to be someone who feels they should be against it. This is simply human nature. We are not made compatible for every person on the planet. How special would friends or mates be if literally just anyone could be your mate or friend? Individuality is an expression of who you are, and if who you are with can't appreciate that you are who you are, then they are not worthy of your appreciation either. They are not worth your time and effort, because I guarantee you they would not be willing to change or do anything out of their way to do something that pleased you, unless they had some sort of ulterior motive. Sounds sort of sick, but unfortunately that is how the majority of the populace operates in society. They are all fighting and standing for themselves and no one else. They are not going to waste their time and effort helping someone else get ahead when they themselves are trying to do just that. That would put them at a disadvantage, and they would see that as hindering themselves. These people are not worth a moment of your time, and it is not worth it to try and win their affection. Because I guarantee you it would be a false affection built on conditions, and once those conditions are compromised, their affection fades as if it were never there. Why? Because it was never truly there in the first place.Now not all society and not all people are going to be like the animals I have depicted them as with the previous statements. There are people out there that we are compatible with, whether it be a friendship compatibility or a potential mate compatibility. These people will come into your life, and you will know these people because no matter what, they will stick around. That means no matter who you are or what you do, they believe in you and they support you because you are you, and they respect that and appreciate that. These people are the kinds of people who are worth your time and effort. These people will help you stand just as you would help them stand. These are the kinds of people who you are looking for. Because these people will not make you feel exhausted or drained while being around them, because you can simply be yourself, and they will not judge you or ask you to change. Because you already are the person they appreciate and want you to be.As for your looks, essentially the same rules apply. However, do what makes YOU feel good. Do you like the look of a certain hair style on you? Wear it! Do you like that shirt or those tangibles? Wear them! If they make you feel good, if they make you happy, then do it. Self expression is not something that anyone should ever feel they have to repress. Be yourself and be proud of who you are, because you are Awesome and no matter what anyone ever tells you, that will not ever change. No matter what anyone thinks, you will still be Awesome, because their thoughts do not define you. You define you. So start being yourself, and let the world see you shine from the inside out n.n