I can’t seem to get intimate with my boyfriend over text. How do I do this?


I’m very comfortable with him and have no problem in person, but over text I get such anxiety that I have to stop texting him sometimes. How should I fix this?

Category: asked November 27, 2014

3 Answers

The solution is simple: if you are not comfortable with it, do not try to force yourself to do it. Or put yourself in a more comfortable situation where you feel more at ease. Watch a dirty movie or read some erotica to help get your mind in the mood.
That's okay! You just obviously don't feel the same connection over text, which is fine! But if you still want to, just imagine you're there with him and type what you would say to him. When you think of a texting conversation as a regular conversation with your voices voicing the words, it's not as scary :)
I agree with Jonathan, but how about a compromise? Buy one of those romance novels, underline the sex scenes or whatever they call it and adapt your text from that.