I broke off the engagement…why does it hurt?


Two months ago. I ended my engagement because my ex-fiancé was not the one. On top of his immaturity, anger issues and impulsiveness he wasn’t a fair person. Everyone say I dodge the bullet by not marrying him. So why am I still crying at certain times and I feel restless. It’s been 2 months why am I unhappy instead of jumping for joy because I made the right decision?

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2 Answers

You did the right decision. It's better thinking ahead for it's a really a huge decision and you either choose to be stuck with a person with that kind of attitude for the most of your years or be free. My point is, loving couples should be really prepared before getting married, be it mentally, psychologically, mentally, etc., and if you still have issues not fixed it's better not to rush. We all want that ideal man but everyone is not perfect. You should think also the 5 negative traits of your partner(in the future) and reevaluate if you can bear with it for the rest of your life.

In your case, you have to talk to him all about it and make him understand, if he truly loves you he would work it out. Give it another few months or years, if nothing changes then you deserved someone who doesn't make you worry about their self.

Another thing, it's normal to feel bad in your situation. You just have to think clearly of whats good for you. Hope this helped you.
I think you're dealing with the fact that your life changed a lot. It is different now to what you have expected it to be. You had a plan that you were going to get married to a good husband. Fiance wasn't right for that so your plan didn't come together. It's ok to mourn when life doesn't turns out the way we expect and wish. Be kind to yourself. You've learned a lot about yourself and about what you don't want in a partner. That's valuable knowledge. What happened wasn't a failure, it was a step towards a better future - a lesson learned.