i am horrible at flirting


i am horrible at flirting, and i need advice/tips on how to flirt successfully. it might help to know i am a shy guy. haha any advice is much appreciated

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4 Answers

You need to do what comes to you naturally when you see a girl you like. So, you see a girl and the first thing that comes to your mind is that her hair looks AMAZING today. Tell her. Honestly, unless she's a stuck up brat she will really appreciate the compliment. And if she laughs in your face because you tried to say something nice to you, do you really want to have a crush on that girl in the first place? She's not worth your time. Making her laugh will also get her attention. :) Hope this helped. Good luck!
Personally I don't think flirting is something you can learn from reading. It's usually something that comes naturally to you. I've never been a flirt and have always just been friendly with everyone - including people I have fancied.
You don't need to flirt necessarily to let someone know you like them. Just being friendly and joking around can be enough to secure a date which will then lead to more.
Flirting comes with confidence first. Good luck. :)
Nah nah nah forget these guys up here ^If you REALLY want to get a girls attention while you're texting her, you send her this face: :^)But if you really want to step it up a notch, you send this: ;^);^) = nonstoppussy my friend.Works 50% of the time, half of the time, guaranteed.