I am having my first boy-girl sleepover?


So my friend is throwing this boy-girl sleepover. (First off we don’t do any of the bad stuff….just putting that out there) However, the boy I really like is going to be there, and I am nervous. I also would like some ideas on games or stuff we could do so we don’t get bored. Also, what should i wear pajama-wise- I usually wear pajama shorts, but I am thinking not to, but I don’t know….

asked December 13, 2013

2 Answers

As long as the pajamas are not sexual you are fine. As for games at a party, I would not worry about it, when there are a group of people like that you could be in a padded cell and you would find something to do. Just go with the flow and it will be fine.
I suggest in any occasion you dress modestly but wear whatever makes you comfortable. If you have enough guts, or have a random burst of courage, go and talk to him. Ease into the conversation and try and make him comfortable with your own confidence. Have fun.