I am confused about my relationship.plz help.


I met a girl on watssapp.
Her ex gave me her number.
We started talking.
I never had any intention to fall in love coz she was a high caste brahmin and i am a low caste guy.
SInce I knew nothing could happen between us I approched friendly.
We chatted for one month.
I propsed her.She said Yes .
But after 5 days she said to stop going further coz she her mom wont allow.
I said to give me a final answer after 4 months..
But the next day she recieved a courier from me at her address which contained my photos, my family photos and all.
She liked it.
I sent a greeting card and good wishes for their new shop.
She has only mom, no dad.
after recieving that courier she msgd me thanks.I called her and she
asked me to come to her place.
I agreed.
I , never had traveeled more than 2 hours in my life ..for her i went in train travelling 7 hours travelling 360 kms alone.
there i stayed in a hoel where the condition was awful..bugs, mosquitos..well i will skip that part.
i met her.. she came to take me to home from hotel ain scooty.we drove home.There i sat , talked..with her family, mom…had diner.. istayed ther from 3pm to 10:30 pm//then her uncle left me in hotel..
next day i again came back.. well i kissed her having a chance when her mom was not aroun..
well my confusion is that.. shpuld i trust this girl?she tells me i am perfect for her.i love her too.
but would she deny me because of caste.
She let e see her phone..checked msgs..found guys propisng her ..she replying no..
i have her facebook password…
no msgs deleted.
she shares everything ..personal pics, we have ots of phone sex…
do you thing our relationship will last..
well we have a lots of free ness, honesty and understanding.still i need a second opinion
/plz say something ..what you infer.. now we cant sent time without texting, calling etxc.

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Alrite im indian too so i think i relate to what ur going through. My advice is that you can trust the girl i mean she didnt hide anything right, also people now dont really care about caste and stuff, her mom on the other hand will probably oppose the relationship and u kind of have to try to win her over, im sure u can and i think that they like u cuz u stayed at their house for a pretty long time and the girl agreed to be alone with u. So yeah i think that if u feel ur love is real then go for it man. Good luck and message me if u need anything else.
I would sit her down (or Skype her I guess) and ask her if she's really serious about you and if she is then make sure you tell her how you feel. If she says no, or I don't know, then you may want to tell her how you feel again and maybe see if you could meet her mom again and tell her how you feel about her daughter. I hope it works out for you because I know you love her.
Dude the caste thing, tell her about it and just also tell her how u feel and that u think that it doesnt matter to you atleast. Also it was ur first time meeting her, relax try to get her to like u more and suck it up a bit and do all the good "son-in-law" stuff. Things will be fine but right now ur girlfriend needs to know the whole cast thing. Clear it with her before anything else.
Also yes, its hard to believe but good people exist. Proof, Im one of them (jk jk). And well getting hurt is part of life. Everyone will hurt you, you just have to find the people worth suffering for-Bob Marley
THankyou neil for your answer.. I suppose i have impressed her mom. I talk to her and she likes me too.her elder sister liked me too.She talks with me over phone for hours sometimes.BUt she knows that i am not general but she doesnt know I am sc. What do you think ? And why did she asked my gf this question..."in what sense did Amyur came?" Any idea. I wud also like to add that she knew that i had gone to her house all this long way just to meet her and also knows hat my family is aware of my tour.
MIni she says she is damn serious about this relationship. she alwys asks me o send photos of e.. daily we interchange pics more than 10 to 20 pics. and recorded videos, songs, love notes, oems i composed for her...etc.. She says she is even ready to marry in court if her mother doesnot allow.BUt my confusion is ...CAN SOMEONE BE SO PERFECT AND TRUTHFUL???i can say 70% coz i am 100% honest and loyal to her... will i get hurt??? I AM SO SCARED...
The only way to find out out, is to marry her. If she marries you, you are on the right track. If the two of you can not debate and work things out respectfully then either the two of you get counseling to work together and fix that, or it is a karmic relationship and you would be better off not being together. Since the two of you have made it this far, and she has great interest in you, you are lucky... thus, The only way to find out is still: marry her.
Thankyou all guys... Helped me to relax a lot.. neilz ,thanks for your advice. :) Love you buddies.