I am addicted to a book.


It may sound strange, but I am addicted to this book. If I stop reading it I have to pick it up again as soon as possible. I don’t even feel connected to real life anymore. No one else I know reads it so I feel so alone. I feel like I’m part of the book. The only reason I get online anymore is when my phone or nook dies. I can’t find a paper copy of the book anywhere. I keep dreaming about the people in the book. I am going crazy. The book is called Cinder

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It is understandable to be in a bit of a frenzy when you come across a book with characters by whom you really identify. After all, there is no relationship as intimate at that between a reader and the people they follow in books; we are in their most private thoughts, we see the moment they make a decision, we're with them through their sharpest pain and their most infectious happiness. When they hurt, we cry, when they are happy, we smile, and when they say something dumb, we groan.

That being said, it is just as important to go out into the world and make those kinds of connections with flesh-and-blood people. You cannot stay consumed by your book friends. Learn from their lives and take those experiences out into the world, make a life for yourself, don't settle for reliving the lives of people in books, you have a very real life that is passing you by. Don't make the mistake of being an absentee from your own life. If they could react to you, even your book friends would tell you the same thing. Think about what they would say if they knew someone was living vicariously through them instead of learning from their trials and putting that experience to good use.

Take your time and finish your book, and enjoy it, but it is okay to put the book up on the shelf when you're finished. You have to remind yourself that it is okay. You matter as much to life as much as your books matter to you.
i'm addicted to '13 reasons why'
Finish it as soon as you can. Just wondering, what book is it?
Books can be addicting(for me: secret ingredient) but dont forget to keep in touch with people around you. Slowly bring in your friends back and allow yourself some time away from the book. hope this helps :)