I always make the same mistakes


Every single time I go to get my haircut I always assume things. Like I went and got my hair cut yesterday it was at a slight angled bob just touching my collarbone and I wanted it a little shorter. The front length was perfect but I wanted the back a little shorter because it was flipping out and seriously looking like a duck tail. So I go back and a different girl cuts my hair than the first time and she asks if I want layers and I said yes and I assumed that she knew that I already had long layers and she didn’t ask what length so she cutting and I’m freaking out because it looked short. Turns out she gave me a stacked bob. I’m trying not to freak out because only one side looks bad (which is weird but then my left side always looks better than my right). I know that in a few weeks it would have grown out a little but it’s still hard.

Category: Tags: asked November 27, 2014

2 Answers

Try going to a salon with a better service. Then when you find one that suits you best then always get your haircut there.
It always takes me FOREVER to find a stylist that actually does what I want. I am super picky. My hair is also fuller on one side than the other, so one always looks nicer. (don't worry about it) If it is really bothering you, you can find the "fast" or "grow" shampoo and conditioner to try to get the hair growing out a bit and see if it looks a bit better and if not then you will have a bit longer hair to try another style with!!!Don't worry :)