ViaXXL Male Enhancement Surgical genital lesion has three stages: the first and very important stage from the psychological point of view is mastectomy , it gives an incomplete but immediate feeling of belonging to the right sex; that’s why many transsexual people decide before a court order, the next stage is the removal of female organs (uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries), the last stage is the formation of the penis and scrotum, which is a difficult stage and unfortunately does not always end in a completely satisfactory way for the operated person, the cost of conducting the entire sex change procedure varies between 30-40 thousand zlotys, for many people this is an impossible amount meeting. Result of sex change surgery The vast majority of people who decide to undergo this long-term and difficult treatment are satisfied with the results. Complicated procedures are responsible for this result and that only really resolute people can persevere. Although operations do not guarantee good physical functioning and are associated with complications, they are considered the best and even the only form of treatment. Thanks to gender reassignment surgery, a transsexual person can feel according to their preferred sex not only because of their physical appearance, but primarily due to the approach of others and the fact that they can finally function fully in society as they would like.

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