How would you confess your feelings? Is it worth it?


Yo. So, there’s this dude I have feelings for, and I’ve liked him for awhile now; I just really want to know how to tell him that I really like him because i feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t say something.

Category: Tags: asked March 27, 2015

3 Answers

Ask him out to lunch or dinner, coffee... whatever it is you crazy kids do these days. Make it clear it's a date and he'll get the hint that you like him. This will give him time to figure out exactly how he feels about you. After you have been on a few dates, the whole 'tell him my feelings' thing will just happen naturally. Don't wait for him to ask you out, you know right now that you like him! So go for it! The worst scenario is that he shoots you down and you move on. But wouldn't you rather get that out of the way instead of feeling like you do now?
It's best to be open and straight forward about it to him. A lot of guys like it when a girl is brave enough to take the first step. Though, you have to keep in mind that those feelings might not be mutual.
Talk to him about it, ask him to go with you alone for a coffee or a movie or just to get a snack or something and then see how it goes, often people change their minds about others as they get to know the other person. Also dont tell a guy u like him. NEVER DO THAT, guys dont know what to do with that information, all that does is confuse him so just tell him u wanna hang out and just go with the flow. Also be kinda flirty