How would I go about “changing my name” online?


I identify as gender neutral and my name is rather feminine. (Cassie) I am known by this name online and in real life. I would like to be known by a more gender neutral name such as Jamie and I’m not sure how I would do it? Would I just post something about being referred to as Jamie or would that be weird?

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Personally, I don't think that would be weird at all.
Maybe you could start by posting something random, and signing as Jamie. To drop sudden hints, would be the "smoother" way.
Another option is to just say it. You'll only have to explain why if you feel comfortable.
Either way, don't think too much on what would "sound weird", or not. You deserve to be called what you want, and what you feel comfortable with, no matter others' opinions, Jamie :)
I'm not gender neutral so I can't give advice from experience, but you do it however you feel comfortable. If you don't know what way that is yet, perhaps it's worth a shot Googling some ways others have put their preferred names into use. Tumblr, if you have it, is also a really good resource. It has a huge LGBTQ, including trans*/gender neutral, community on there. You could talk to a lot of people in the same position.
You could also, like you said, simply change your name on your profiles and ask your friends to call you Jamie and explain to them how that name is important to you (you may have to explain gender neutral to them if you haven't already, which is a pain in the butt, but most people aren't aware of non-binary genders).
I hope this helps a little bit, my inbox is always open (just click my username, and it's on the right) if you want to message. I hope everything works out. :)
I think you should hold on to your current avatars (or tumblr url) for a while to facilitate people adapting to the change.This is an example of how you do it: And here some scripts for handling people: