How will I Bond with my friends?


I am a very friendly person….. So friendly that I have a lot of friends…. The sad thing is that…. they are divided into groups and one of the groups think I am with the other group… Well I LOVE ALL OF MY FRIENDS…… I want to bond with them at the same time.. but one of the groups don’t want. And it turns out I’m the bad guy :( They think I have options… and I chose the other group over the other.. which is SOO NOT TRUE…. please help me :(

Tags: asked November 16, 2013

1 Answer

High school dynamics. You don't want to be part of a group that's being too elitist and, therefore, hypocritical. I know you THINK you too. Keep being friendly with a lot of people. Don't let any cliques take that away from you. You'll look back and realize how short your high school years actually were - and though they are a good training ground for what the world is like out there/here - it's also a good time to realize you really do get to make your own choices. You'll ultimately feel better about yourself and will end up meeting great people who just may become lifelong friends - though they might not belong to any of the groups you see around you.