How to trust?


I want to keep a healthy mindset, and live a good life. I think most people do.
But I get anxious, and depressed, and overall, completley unmotivated. And I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that I dont talk about anything that is bothering me. Ever. I love my parents, but I cant seem to vent to them, and I love my best friend but I know that she isnt much of a listener. My parents have suggested therapy but I’m so shy that I wouldnt open up to a therapist for months at least. I’m not sure what to do. How do I trust someone enough to let them know how I’m feeling?

Category: asked April 26, 2015

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Unbelievably I understand that. Obviously I'm having the same issue.
The advantage here is that venting is anonymous, but going to a therapist your own way is a good thing, one that do not talk to your parents about what's happening.
You maybe had that friend that does not judge you and you can tell him/her everything.
Or, as in my case, I prefer not talking that stuff to my best friends to avoid annoy them because I've always been kind of depressive
I think that the therapist is a nice idea going with the mentality to open up everything
Anyway, if you want to talk, feel free to message me when you want
Hey Zoe, With all due respect, and not to diminish your concerns, I think I must point out that by posting this question, you have already taken a giant step towards opening up. Maybe the anonymity of a site like BT would give you the forum to express your feelings and thoughts more openly than you would be able to in person, until such a time when you would feel more comfortable talking to someone in person. If you would like to talk to someone on a one-to-one basis, my inbox is always open, but also there is the vent option which may also help you a great deal. Best of luck, TDZ :)
I have a ton of stuff that I can't talk to anyone about or would even post on this site. Sometimes you just have to keep some crap to yourself.
Hello darling, you have "trust problems", I believe. Either you've been betrayed before, or you just see the evilness of others. Let's say people talking behind other person's back, gossips and rumors and so is lies. I've been in your situation before, because I "trust too much" and some people use that as an advantage. Sometimes, not trusting people too much and doubting them is a goodthing for me. It makes me aware of what harm they can cause me. But then I had a boyfriend, and he's a very nice guy. But i always have doubts about him and I don't open myself enough. I find it difficult to tell him things, id rather keep it to myself. I have this "fear". But he told me that i can trust him, and that he will not betray my trust. and so ive told him the depressing past ive suffered , and the main reason why i am this way. He is a very honest guy, and now.. we're still strong! Going strong for a year and two months! :) He's not only my boyfriend but so is my best friend. And I feel grateful of having him in my life.How to trust? Dear, I know trust is not an easy thing to give, and so you should give it to the right kind of people. Those who you know , what ever happens wont ever turn their backs at you. Your parents, you can trust on them, because in the list of the people whom i trust, after god i also trust my parents then lastly, my boyriend. I know it will feel like you're afraid , but confiding in your parents, i know you'll be in better hands. It may feel hard, but if you push yourself to trust, i know just like me, you can trust again. Life doesn't stop giving us lessons. You can be betrayed, but that doesn't stop us from trusting and learning. Goodluck, honey.