How to trust again?


Ever since my first relationship/heartbreak i havent been able to trust guys anymore because i think theyll do the same thing my ex did. I would give a guy my number and in like 2 days i would stop talking to them because im so scared of getting hurt all over again. i dont know how to knock down my walls and let somebody in. and if i talk to someone for more than a month i would get comfortable but then all over again build my walls back up

Tags: asked October 31, 2014

4 Answers

Try talking to other people about it. If you do not feel comfortable doing so with any friends. Feel free to message me. Sometimes just talking about it can get rid of some of the anxiety. It may make you realize not all guys are the same. Hope that helped
Don't trust anyone. Just trust yourself. You know yourself well , and it won't fail you like what other people do.trusting a person is good, but trusting ones self is better.
I think the best thing to do is take it slow. If you are interested in someone, get to know each other. Don't rush into anything physical. And feel free to talk about the heartbreak you experienced. It will help the guy understand your reluctance to start anything and will show him what things you are sensitive to. In other words, if your ex used to do something and a new guy does the same thing, he will understand if you become suddenly sad or irritated.

But it's also possible that you're just not ready for a new relationship yet. You are still hurt from your heartbreak. While a new man in your life can help you heal and move on from the past, he can also hurt you more. So while I think it's not good to think all men are the same and will only break your heart, I also think it's not good to be too trusting either.

Think about why you want a new relationship. And what you want that relationship to be like. If you need to spend some time focusing on other aspects of your life, that's fine. Hurt people can attract people that want to help but they can also attract people that want to exploit. And I believe that is your fear. Therefore, I would recommend that you seek to help yourself before you look for a romantic relationship. Talk to people you trust and do things you love. Remind yourself all the good things about you.

Don't worry about knocking down your walls. You built them up to protect yourself. Find someone patient and kind who is willing to slowly help you remove them. If they care about you, they will work to earn your trust.
just do whatever u think right..sometimes is take a time to build the trust to someone..but as long it make u happy..u still can talk with him..just make sure u feel comfortable..ewbf after that