how to tell the differents between a mix, hypomania, manic episode?


I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar a month or for some time a ago and by the why im only 16. I think I have been started to have an hypomania episode but my doctor said the he believe that I will have a manic episode soon because I have a had an extreme Major depression stage or episode for so long. I haven’t had many manic or hypomania episodes so I don’t really know what to do. I guess I don’t want this hypomania to turn into a full manic episode. my mum said she thinks its a hypomania or a mix episode. I take medication and they are lithium, lamortrigine,olanzapin,Melatonin and Temazepam for when I cant sleep at all. I just need to work or recognise the different between them and how it all works, just some information that would be helpful. my doctor has told me abit but im still kinda clue less thank you all.

Category: Tags: asked June 14, 2014