How to tell parents about depression?


I fell into a depression last year and it was horrible. I felt like I didn’t belong and nobody wanted me around. I was so distant that I’m sure even my parents noticed a bit, though they never really asked me anything. Luckily, I changed to a new school recently and I felt like I really have had a new start, I found new friends and its great. But to completely let it go I want to tell my parents what happened to me last year but I don’t know how.

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Sit them down somewhere you feel safe and have an honest, calm conversation with them. Perhaps starting with reminding them that you are better now, before diving in. Ask them to let you finish before they say something.

Sometimes, it helps to write your thoughts and emotions down, to better get a grasp of it and what you want to say.

Also, many parents have a way of blaming themselves when something is wrong, tell them it's not their fault, anymore than it is yours. It could be nice to to something, just the three of you, together. Perhaps go on a little road-trip or something, just spending some time together and show them that you're alright now.
Well, you should just tell them. Everything's good in your life now, and if you really want to tell them, I'm sure they'd appreciate what you say. Wait for the right moment to tell them so it isn't to harsh
Tell them you didn't feel good last year. Be honest with them. I think they will support you. Let them know that it's hard for you to talk about it, but that you wanted them to know how you felt kast year. I think they will appriciate it when you tell them how you felt. You also said thatnyou thonk tour larents saw that you didnt't feel great last year, maybe it's a little hard for them too to talk about it. They never want to see their child unhappy, but they will be glad that you trust them enough to tell.Wish tou a lot of strength.
"So, I went through something last year and feel like it's time you know about it... "they'll probably be thrilled you're not on drugs or expecting children!
hi, I had the same problem last year, trying to make people understand was a pain and struggle but it is possible. If you're ready and comfortable about telling them, go for it. Tell them you have something important to say or would like to talk about something. It'll feel so relieving once you get it off your chest and I'm sure they will do their best to understand and help you. I'm happy that you feel like you have a good start, good luck and stay strong :) I wish you the best. Things always get better and never be afraid to ask for help or tell your problems, someone is always here for you.
For me, writing things is easier than saying them so I tell my parents things by writing them on a note, giving it to them and then later that night after they have gone over it, we all talk about it together