How to stop thinking about your past?


This relates to a lot, relationship wise and exes and friends leaving and mental problems and situations you aren’t proud of. How do you get all of that weight off of your chest?

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1 Answer

Well for me I just distract myself by throwing myself into anything. For me its always been creative outlets and helping people honestly just do whatever soley makes you happy. Then you just kinda have to accept that were all human we all make mistakes and these mistakes are never as bad as they seem I promise :) besides by making mistakes/baggage you grow and learn, you become a better person you become stronger and then life gets easier. Remember your also not alone every person on this website has done something were not proud of, we have all been in really bad situations we all feel shame and so we came here. This website literally heals and it can heal you, and so does time one day you will be able to look back and see that although these moments you speak of were really hard they helped you in so many other ways. Everything is connected and you will get through this its gonna be hard but your strong we are all strong and all you really need is love and acceptance within hahah :) good luck!